Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Big Momma

Big Mama had a hard act to follow after Bella's talent show. She brought a bunch of men up on stage to teach them how to Jamaican style - which looks like two people getting it on ;-)

This is Michael, Big Mama, and Charles originally from S. CA, but now is an east coast man (he and his family won the family talent show on Thanksgiving and get a free 3 nights stay next time at FDR)

Back view...wish we had a video camera!

Big Mama, guy from Burlington, VT on the left, and our friend Bruce from NYC (originally from Quebec City, and married to the lovely Leigh, from England...yes, Bruce-Leigh)

One last time...Big Mama, our friend Mike from Boston area (a huge Yankee's fan...just kidding!), Michael...

Mama's got back, and balloons, and front, and front balloons!!! She was a riot, and the guys were great sports.


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