Sunday, November 22, 2009


Having a great time.
Kids going to pajama party after dinner - with nanny and then to the kids club and then movie.
Adult dinner for us.

Very slippery tiles around pool - they really need to change them or paint them with sand.

Mom, was it Rose Hall??? Please refresh my memory. Lots of people checked in yesterday - supposed to be full, but does not seem like it. Have not done massage or booked any tours yet - just relaxing by pool and beach. lovely LOUD frogs at night till dawn.

I won some coffee today at the adults ring toss - they always have fun games around the pool to win Rum, coffee, jam, tee shirts/hats if you are not a drinker. Tomorrow they have world trivia - I'm sure that Michael will win us a tee shirt!

poured rain in late afternoon ;-)

Nice salad stuff and lots of papaya - like the kind we get in Hawaii - the strawberry papaya ;-)

funny face and foggy camera

awesome fried chicken, yummy mac and cheese with huge noodles - gorgeous mural in background and silly Bella.

For breakfast MAA ate 1/2 bagel with vegemite, 1 bananna, juice, and 1 1/2 huge pancakes. Way more than Bella ate. But she got him at lunch!

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